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One, the kernel

Intelligent Linux system platform

Intelligent Linux system platform , a new generation of Cortex-A5 microprocessor,

Embedded Linux operating system + intelligent cloud, the receiver will no longer be an independent hardware device, but a complete intelligent system. With the help of Tianyu’s powerful cloud service platform, it can remotely register and upgrade the device, remote service and remote diagnosis. , You can enjoy Tianyu’s star service without leaving home.

  1. Form

The classic symmetrical design is adopted, and the color presents rationality without losing the sense of technology. Double buttons + five indicator lights design to ensure product controllability

High-strength wave-particle shell, higher microwave penetration rate and wider signal transmission range. The use of crystalline molecular materials has better abrasion resistance.

Three, function

Almighty Data Link

※ 1. Full-featured radio

  1. Transceiver integrated full-featured built-in radio, three gears adjustable for high, middle and low, typical operating distance is8km , which meets the needs of routine operations;
  2. Support built-in radio relay function, effectively extending the working distance;

c.410-470 broadband frequency band, support TrimTalk450S/ , TrimMark3/SOUTH, realize the interconnection and intercommunication with imported equipment.

  1. Supports custom frequency bands, and the channel frequency can be changed at any time through the handbook, mobile phone, to achieve precise connection.
  1. High-speed Internet
  2. 4Gfull Netcom module, backward compatible with3G and 2G , applicable to various signal areas, and more configuration options. The new network architecture supports the current mainstream CORS system.
  3. Based on theLinux platform, the PPP dial-up technology is used to automatically interact with the base station in real time to ensure continuous online during the measurement process.
  4. Bluetooth data link
  5. Two-way transmission design, real-time intercommunication between the host and the handbook, the receiver can use the handbook network to receive differential signals.
  6. Long distance:100m limit connection, stable signal transmission, compatible with 2.1 standard, convenient and flexible application.

. 4 , the WIFI data link

You can use wifi to connect to the network to obtain data, and you can also open wifi hotspots, which can be accessed by multiple devices for richer settings and adjustments.

More powerful job support

1 , dual-battery design, hot-swappable

It adopts dual battery design, supports hot-swappable, unlimited battery life, and provides strong guarantee for internal launch in base station mode.

Support fast charging, support rich external charging equipment.

※Battery and handheld battery are common, making field work more flexible

2 , the NFC touch

The new NFC flash touch pairing technology can quickly establish a communication data link, get rid of the traditional cumbersome connection process, and obtain a smoother user experience.

  1. Intelligent voice

One-key broadcast host mode, intelligently remind host status. Support Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish by default; support voice customization

  1. Electronic bubbles

When checking whether the centering rod is level, users no longer need to pay attention to the physical bubble of the centering rod. The electronic bubble on the handbook measurement software accurately displays the leveling state of the centering rod in real time.

  1. Tilt measurement (optional)

The second generation tilt measurement function, by simply shaking the centering rod, the software can automatically complete the calculation and correction to achieve accurate positioning.

Smarter experience

1 , WeUI

The receiver has a built-in management interface, access to the web UI , you can view or change the host status, host configuration, satellite information, data logging, data transmission, radio settings, firmware upgrades, user management, user help and other information in real time.

  1. SMS communication

The host supports the SMS function setting. After the setting is completed, the base station host can be sent SMS through the mobile station handbook, and the base station and radio protocol can be set remotely.

  1. Cloud services

The powerful cloud service management platform can remotely manage and configure devices, and support various functions such as viewing progress, managing jobs, backing up data, real-time sharing, online upgrades, and online registration, providing users with expert one-to-one remote services.

Technical Parameters


Detailed Indicators

Measuring Performance

Signal Tracking

The BDS : Bl , B2 , B3
the GPS :, the L1C / A , the L1C , the L2C , L2E
the GLONASS : the L1C / A , L1P , the L2C / A , the L2P
the SBAS : the L1C / A
the Galileo : GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B , E1 , E5A , E5B

2 L-Band tracking

GNSS features

Positioning output frequency 1Hz ~ 50Hz

Initialization time is less than 10 seconds.
Initialization reliability> 99.99%
full constellation receiving technology, capable of supporting high-reliability carrier tracking technology from all current and planned GNSS constellation signals
, improving carrier accuracy, and providing high-quality original observation data
Intelligent dynamic sensitivity positioning technology , Adapt to various environmental changes, adapt to harsh, long-distance positioning environment,
high-precision positioning processing engine

Positioning Accuracy

Code Differential GNSS Positioning

Horizontal: 0.25 m + 1 ppm RMS
Vertical: 0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS
SBAS differential positioning accuracy: typical <5m 3DRMS

Static Measurement Accuracy

±( 2.5 mm + 0.5mm/km × d )
( d is the distance between the measured points, km )

RTK Measurement Accuracy

±( 8 mm + 1mm/km × d )
( d is the distance between the measured points, km )Operating system /
User Interface

Operating System



Two-key operation, convenient and quick

Indicator light

Five indicator lights

Web Interaction

Built-in WebUI management background, support WiFi and USB mode to access the receiver’s built-in Web UI management page, real-time monitoring of the host status, free configuration of the host.


Intelligent voice technology, intelligent status broadcast, voice operation prompt;
default support for Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish; support for voice customization

Secondary Development

Provide secondary development package, open OpenSIC observation data format and interactive interface definition for secondary development

Data Cloud Service

Web version of the cloud service management platform, supporting online registration and other remote management, data interaction and other services



175mm*83mm ( diameter, height )


1.06kg (without battery)


Thermoplastic polyester, polycarbonate polymer material


Operating temperature: – 30 ° C to +65 ° C
Storage temperature: – 40 ° C to +80 ° C


Anti- 95% condensation

Protection level

Waterproof: 1M immersion, IP67 level
dust: prevent dust entering, IP67 grade


Anti 2 yards with the drop rod


Power Supply

9-28V wide voltage DC design, with overvoltage protection

Power Solution

Dual battery power supply, support hot-swappable , power 6800mAh .


I/O port

5 – pin PIN LEMO external power interface + RS232
7 – pin PIN LEMO external USB ( OTG )


Radio, network antenna interface (shared)
SIM card slot

Radio Modem

Built-in high-performance transceiver integrated radio , low, medium and high ( 1W , 2W , 3W ) three gears, typical operating distance 8km , working frequency 410-470MHz , can switch radio relay mode; external transmitting radio 5W/25W , working frequency 450- 470MHz
communication protocol: TrimTalk450S, TrimMark3, SOUTH

Cellular Mobile

Intelligent PPP dialing technology based on Linux platform , automatic real-time dialing, continuous online during work; host external network antenna, equipped with 4G high-speed network communication module (support mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications), compatible with 3G/GPRS/EDGE ; compatible with various CORS system access.


BLEBluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth standard, support Android system mobile phone connection; Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard

NFC Wireless Communication

Using NFC wireless communication technology, Bluetooth can be automatically paired by touching the handbook and the host (the handbook also needs to be equipped with an NFC wireless communication module)

External Communication

Optional external GPRS/CDMA dual-mode communication module, free switching, adapt to various working environments;
support external wireless network card



802.11b/g/n standard

WIFI Hotspot

With WIFI hotspot function, any smart terminal can be connected to the receiver, and the receiver function can be richly customized;
industrial handbooks, smart terminals and other data collectors can transmit data with the receiver through WIFI

WIFI Data Link

The receiver can be connected to WIFI , and broadcast or receive differential data through WIFIData storage / transmission

Data Storage

8G built-in solid-state memory , support 32G external expansion; automatic cycle storage ( automatically delete the oldest data when the storage space is not enough ) ; support external USB memory for data storage; rich sampling interval, support up to 50Hz original observation data collection

Data transmission

One-key smart copy directly export host static data through external USB storage; plug-and-play USB data transmission mode; FTP download, HTTP download

Data Format

Static data format: Southern STH , Rinex2.01 and Rinex3.02 and other formats
Differential data format: CMR+ , CMRx , RTCM 2.1 , RTCM 2.3 , RTCM 3.0 , RTCM 3.1 , RTCM 3.2 input and output; GPS output data format: NMEA 0183 , PJK plane coordinates, binary code, Trimble GSOF ; network mode support: VRS , FKP , MAC , support NTRIP protocolInertial Navigation System / Sensor

Tilt measurement (optional)

Built-in tilt compensator (optional), automatically correct the coordinates according to the tilt direction and angle of the centering rod

Electronic bubble

Built-in sensor, handbook software can display electronic bubbles, real-time check the leveling of the centering rodTemperature Sensor

Built-in multiple temperature sensors, using intelligent frequency conversion temperature control technology, real-time monitoring and adjusting the temperature of the host



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