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● Fully Integrated GNSS
● Simply Setup the Station Wherever You Want
● Without the Limitation of Known Points
● Up to 2000m Reflectorless EDM
● Cable-free Connection by Bluetooth
● Intelligent Workflow under Android 6.0

Model: Navi Station

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Simply Setup the Station Wherever You Want




Distance Measurement
with Reflector
Range *1 5000m
Accuracy ±(2+2ppmxD)mm
Measure Interval Fine: 0.3s, Tracking: 0.1s
Distance Measurement
without Reflector
Range *2 2000m
Accuracy ±(3+2ppmxD)mm
Measure Interval 0.3-3s
Angle Measurement Accuracy 2”
Measure Method (HZ/V) Absolute Continuous, Diametrical
Diameter of Encoder Disk 79mm
Display Resolution 0.1”
Compensation Liquid, Dual Axis Compensation
Compensator Setting Accuracy 1”
Compensator Range ±4′
Telescope Image Erect
Tube Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 45mm (EDM:50mm)
Magnification 30x
Resolving Power 3”
Field of View 1°30′
Focusing Range 1.2m
Reticle Illuminated, 4 Brightness Level
Vial Plate Vial 30″/2mm
Circular Vial 8’/2mm
Laser Plummet Type Laser Class 2/IEC60825-1; 4 Brightness Level
Accuracy ±1.5mm at 1.5M Instrument Height
System Config Operating System Android 6.0
Processor MT6753
Internal Memory RAM: 3GB; ROM: 32GB
Satellite Signals Satellite Tracking 574 Channels
Signal Tracking BDS-2: B1, B2, B3
GPS: L1, L2C, L2P, L5
GALILEO: E1, E5a, E5b
Performance Specification Time to First Fix Cold Start <50s, Warm Start <45s
Signal Re-acquisition <3s
RTK Initiation Time <15s
RTK Initiation Reliability >99.9%
Positioning Precision Single Point Positioning Single: H≤3m, V≤5m (1σ, PDOP≤4)
RTD Surveying H: ±0.5m, V: ±1.0m
Static Surveying H: ±(2.5mm+1ppm x D), V: ±(5mm+1ppm x D)
Real-time Kinematic Surveying H: ±(10mm+1ppm x D), V: ±(20mm+1ppm x D)
Communication Interfaces –  Serial Port (6-Pin)
–  Micro SIM
–  USB Type C (OTG)
–  TF Card
Network 2G  900/1800
3G 2100/900  CDMA  BC0  TDSCDMA  A/F
4G LTE band1/3/7/38/39/40/41
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
WLAN Dual-Band Single Stream 802.11 a/b/g/n RF for Data Link
Microphone / Speaker Available
Others Display TFT LCD Screen, Graphics, 720*1280
Battery Lithium-Ion, 7.4V, Operating 8-10 Hours
Dimension 200mm*170mm*350mm, 5.7kgs
Protection IP55
Temperature Range (Operation) -20°C–+50°C

* 1: Good conditions (good visibility approx.40km, overcast, twilight) * 2: White objects with high reflectivity (KGC 90%) Note: all information above is subject to change without any prior notice.


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